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Day 3 Presidential Visit To Moyamba: Sembehun Chapter
Presidential, Sembehun, Moyamba, visit, day 3.

Day 3 Presidential Visit To Moyamba: Sembehun Chapter

Clear vision eyewear could be interpreted when clear classes are put on but dark spectacles prove difficult on ascertaining in which direction the wearer is focused. Once a Soldier, ever so strategic. HE Bio looks onward but where is his focus behind the sunglasses as he enters Sembehun on his day four visit in the historic and cosmopolitan Moyamba District.

As a he watches on with her excellency Fatima Bio, the Rtd. Brigadier and President of Sierra Leone engaged the attending crowd at Sembehun Community Field in the Bagruwa Chiefdom as he dedicates the newly built community police station in the community.

HE Bio’s visit to Moyamba district was to educate the visiting public in three chiefdoms within the district on his achievements since he gained power including his flagship program, the Free Quality Education introduced just after the 2018 elections and that of the first lady’s free sanitary pad undertaken by the office of the first lady. The president seized the occasion to admonish attending parents on the need to utilize well the free educational system introduced.

The question many would ask is why such a visit to verbalise his achievements himself? Is the strategic communication unit not effective enough? Are the writings on the wall not clear for people to see and interpret themselves?

While many questions brew, the adage ‘wait for mek den blow you horn” is being modernized as “ if porsin nor blow am fine, mesef go blow am”. In other words, if my achievements aren’t blown up well, I can do it for myself. The adage stops that far because another says its always good to hear from the horse’s mouth. This in itself gives weight and credence to achievements and challenges to demystify myths.

President Bio is however not only selling himself. He cherishes the opportunity to meet with his people, especially where his mother hails from counting on the words of his late mother for the love of Moyamba.

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Presidential, Sembehun, Moyamba, visit, Day 3

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