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APC’s Gathering Act: 3 Recipes for A Delicious 2023 Elections

APC’s Gathering act in its 3 recipes for delicious 2023 will be a game changer if followed faithfully.

As APC rekindles its shabby lower level elections records few weeks ago, the move to hook 2023 elections seem to be gaining momentum if the the current tempo and notes are being played well to the tap of its members and interim executives.

January 14,15,16, and 17 for lower level re-elections as ruled by the political Party Registration Commission‘s (PPRC) last hearing, seem to be going on reasonably well. The activity is still marred by skirmishes of election violence, delayed or annulled ballots in some wards but this is being corrected along the way.

The lower elections reported violence relates to candidates and supporters of candidates who are thirsty for victory in their various party internal quarters. The pull towards violence are on legitimacy, increased awareness among members on security issues with regards conduct of lower elections and the deliberate ploy to cause mayhem by certain persons both party and non-party members to either derail the APC or influence tensions that will brew an unsavoury look of the APC as a political entity.

Irrespective of this, the once apparently factioned APC is seemingly clustering to being a formidable force with serious intent on winning the presidential, parliamentary and local council elections. The principles used are soul ties, peace building and a constructive approach to the 2023 Elections.

Soul Ties

In any country or history, patriarchs and patriarchal directions play a major role in societies, associations and within professions to impact positively or otherwise. When fore leaders rule or set principles that are right and successors follow a path with infused modifications within associations, beliefs and societies, history has shown it influences positive outcomes for those associated within that clan.

The APC’s formation in the south and associated ethos has been discarded for a while by those who do not cherish patriarchal dictates. However, those who are entrenched in past-events, history would have it that the earlier the party recognise its place in all region and root from the south rather than the north, it will set itself for disjointed achievements and a regionally biased outlook. Of late, this path is being formed and the challenge to move from that is still evident.

If the party is intent on proper cookery for the 2023 elections, patriarchal origin history and directions of the party must be strictly followed. Homage must be paid to those regions to re-brand the party. The mere recognition of membership from those ends, sets a path to a great return to values placed by founding patriarchs within the south-east though it will be challenging. I see this coming following the lower level elections where vibrant youth immerse themselves for serious local, district, region and national politics.

There is a great Armageddon of youth questing for sanity against biased leaders and the realisation of the need for placing value on equitable politics within the party. The youth are always the tool and play-grounds of political violence in most politics in Africa and across the world. A recent trend in the lower-level elections, however, depicts youths are slowly becoming problem solvers, rationalising the economic divide and standing up to the rhetoric of gerontocracy and connectocracy within Sierra Leone’s political landscape. Demonstrating non-allegiance to violence by exposing party members bent on causing havoc to rig lower-level election is a typical example of a spice that would give taste to the 2023 elections.

Peace Building

The APC’s move for internal flag bearer peace and truce is a sharp move that will pay dividend with regards the upcoming 2023 Elections. It has always been said and it has been a trend that the APC has an ability to de-cluster, cluster and aggregate to the amazement of many in a twinkle of an eye.

The once “undemocratically” viewed party is setting a pace that is compelling for 2023 elections. There seem to be oneness approach emerging gradually with factions realising the divide against themselves will not pay off. This is also a great sign that few months to the general elections, an aggregated support from all is key if the APC party wishes to dish the concocted spices of victory that will be tastier than the recent flag-bearer aspirant dinner recently held in Makeni over the weekend.

The show-case of last weekend’s dinner attended by presidential and party flag-bearer aspirants of the APC delineates the formation of internal party democracy that should be enviable by the incumbent, where there aren’t evidence of variance in presidential aspirants. One will ask the question if we have dictatorship within the SLPP though they bark clean to the ears of many as the most democratic entity. Are my hastily jumping to conclusion or is it that the SLPP is snailing on its tracks? Again, a plus in the mix of a final APC dish for the upcoming 2023 multi-tier elections in that the people are given options for their votes.

Constructive Approach-The National Road-map

Not until the launch of a pre-election road map and seeming manifesto The New Hope Agenda on wealth creation presented by Dr. Kaifala Marah, former bank governor, finance minister, and holder of multiple state portfolios, there hasn’t been a single constructive presidential candidate presentation or selling point for the upcoming 2023 elections to the people of Sierra Leone as was done in 2018.

Dr. Marah’s road map and singleton approach to taking Sierra Leone out of poverty through wealth creation principles and approach, detail him as one of the most qualified persons to man the affairs of Sierra Leone with extensive public finance knowledge. He is on a crusade for a peaceful APC party and national cohesion. Dr. Marah comes across quite constructive, focused and has answers for all in the boots when ever asked. I am amazed at the brain we have in the country that we let go to waist. Dr. Marah is focused on Job creation for youths, nation building through energised and new spectrum approach to international diplomacy etc.

Dr. Kaifala Marah was born and raised in Koidu Town, Sierra Leone. He is a professional accountant, who became a politician after professional carrier development. Dr. Marah served as Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone between 2016-2017, and Minister of Finance from 2013-2016. On March 7, 2017, Dr. Marah resigned as governor to seek the nomination of the All People’s Congress (APC) for the Presidential election of 2018. Before this, he served as State House chief of staff and senior economic advisor to Sierra Leone’s former president Ernest Bai Koroma from 2010 until his appointment as finance minister in 2013.

Dr. Marah’s educational journey sprouts as a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from Fourah Bay College, a master’s degree in Public Policy from the State University of New York; and a doctorate degree in political finance from the University of Hull. The former minister now presidential candidate, Dr. Marah, served as a deputy Town Clerk at the Koidu-New Sembehun city council. He later served as a Budget Analyst at the New York State Senate. His CV extends as a man who was the public expenditure management adviser at the commonwealth secretariat in London before he was appointed as chief of staff to president Ernest Bai Koroma.

As of now, the APC presents the most qualified presidential candidates in education and service history of Sierra Leone in the likes of Dr. Kaifalah Marah, Dr. Samura Kamara, Dr. Richard Conteh, Lawyer Kalokoh, Petito Koroma etc.

The APC presidential candidatures’ leap for a constructive and manifesto appeal to the populace of Sierra Leone is a great recipe that will see many gravitating to the APC if there is speedy work and engineering on the party’s brutal image. Dr. Kaifala Marah seem to have that charisma, experience and bridge that will pull many to his idea as he comes across as encouraging to calm the nerves of many on perceptions about the APC. Once these spices are mixed correctly, many will be eager to taste the smell of difference and eat on ideologies at the ballot boxes.

This is Dr. Kaifala Marah. Brings wealth of experience to the table with regards governance, prudent financial management, employment and country cohesion to propel Sierra Leone. The Agenda of Hope will be a good read for all citizens of Sierra Leone.

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