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Welcome to Fountain of Peace Broadcasting Network (FOP Radio) from Moyamba, Southern Sierra Leone. Our Radio plays on terrestrial air-play and stream features some of the all-time greatest gospel artists, cultural shows and intentional co-operation rebroadcast contents.

We also like to throw in some surprises from time to time, seasoning our gospel broadcast with moral songs, oldies to gain interest so that by all means possible, we win them over


Fountain of Peace Broadcasting Network (FOP Radio).

Place of registration

Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Registered Number: TIN:1139353-5. Registered with IMC, Natcom and Corporate Commission

Registered Address

23D Dyna Street


Sierra leone

West Africa.

Company website


FOP Radio produces a 24/7 digital and terrestrial gospel radio service in Sierra Leone, Western Africa and to the ears of many in the global village through our various reach platforms.

This service features gospel contents hinging on multiple origins, the latest world news from DW and VOA, exclusive audio journalism, political analysis and socio-economic debates across its digital platforms – online at, on fop speakers, social media using our handles-@FOPnetwork,, /Fopradio1, /Fopnetworkmediasl and on-air.

Our news gathering is powered by our collaborative work with other local media outlets with rebroadcasts though the majority of what we do is gospel.


Nelson Lavarie: Head of Broadcast.

Ali Tokowa: Managing Editor for FOP Radio.

Jeremiah Charles:Head of Presenters and Admin.

Thomas Jombla


Head of Business Relations

Jeremiah Charles

HOPs/Admin/Head of Presenters/programs/Admin

About us

FOP Radio is a media entity placed to serve communities in Moyamba district and other regions within Southern Sierra Leone. We would love to hear from you.

Message Note By Head of Programs

If you have any part of our broadcast you are unhappy with, please contact us at

FOP Broadcasting Network

Head Office

1 Kondehbotihun Road

Mount Salina, Mosoe Section


Sierra Leone .

Tel: +23231896896 /+23279896896

FOP Radio Studio, Moyamba, Sierra Leone | Phone: +23279896896 | Email:

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