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EU’s Election Report On Sierra Leone-Damning or Prescriptive 1?

The long-awaited EU report on the recently concluded multi-tier Elections in Sierra Leone will be released today October 10 about 4pm local time at the Radisson Blue Hotel by the lead and Chief EU elections observer, Evin Incir, in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The just-concluded election was marred with several documented election violence and irregularities by focal election monitors suggesting doubts about the results’ credibility.

The preliminary EU report on the Elections highlighted irregularities, restrictive competition and the lack of a fair playing ground including violence meted on political candidates. What is certain is a detailed account. Recommendations are bound to come through as Evin Incir presents the EU report.

Evin Incir herself is a member of the European Union Parliament. She has a wealth of knowledge in politics and operations of governance. Hon Evin Encir is a Swedish politician of Kurdish descent from the Swedish Social Democratic Party. She’s been serving as a Member of the European Parliament since the 2019 European elections.

As an experienced politician, will she have her finger on the issues of Sierra Leone? Will the report be damning or prescriptive as has been before now carrying no weight in local politics but recommendations? Will the report rather set the stage for local best practices in future elections or will it form a basis that will be used to assess the credibility and legitimacy of the current government’s administration and that of the electoral body? What will this mean for our development partners?


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