Who We Are?


To proclaim the gospel to all irrespective of gender, race, sexuality and class. In doing so, we bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our call is to see people set free to play their part in the mission of God.

We do this with love and empathy for mankind knowing our ultimate goal is to make heaven.

Matthew Jombla: Head of programmes


Fountain of Peace Broadcasting Network (FoPNetwork) is a community driven but privately owned media outlet registered and licensed in SL since August 2011. Our broadcast category is gospel but we engage the community and international listeners with absorbing talk shows, news and cultural programs. We employ collaborative broadcast principles with dynamic patterns and song genre.


FOP Radio’s reach is widespread using simple but engrossing technologies in an ever increasing possibilities of content delivery platforms to broadcast our contents undiluted with intelligence. With assets in the form of land and equipment, we partner and affiliate with major international broadcasting organizations including The United States of America’s Voice of America and Germany’s Radio Deutche Welle.


We do this with a workforce that is ever increasing and tapping from the skills of talented young people. Our reach is unrivaled with our collaborative broadcast principles and content delivery routes.


We feel there is always a need to know all of us . There are fantastic people working in the back scene but we thought we could identify only a few.



With formal training in diverse medical fields, proprietor Hinga has served in other capacities including being a personal assistant to pastor Edmond Martins in the Gambia, church accountant and personal assistant to Bishops; Choir and praise and worship leader. As a music lover, he has worked in several UK studios with African musicians. Hinga is an inspirational composer with transcription contributions in gospel audios in UK and Sierra Leonean Studios. Hinga always had a passion to witness and has taken into it as a selfless evangelistic broadcaster with a great pool of additional broadcast engineering experiences. He is always ready to being a servant.



From a firm Christian background, Mrs. Christiana Dixon has made several strides in her Christian journey. As a mother of five, all serving the lord faithfully, she has taken the mantle as a reverend under the New Harvest Ministry.Coming from a teaching profession, she knows all too well how to pass on the message with a firm grip on the Bible and in particular, women's ministry. Mrs. Dixon has also served in several capacities in the District including civil society advocacy and as a representative of WANEP.

our administrative staff

Nelson Lavarie

Station manager

Nelson comes with a wealth of knowledge in broadcast and of the organization. He has served in all positions maturing to a manager. Building from a teaching background he has enhanced his skills with career in journalism and with an augmented technical broadcast engineering experience. 


Asimu B. Jalloh

Admin/ Finance

Asimu is one of the longest serving staff of the institution and has gained immense insider knowledge. He has served in various capacities within the organization including news editing. Known for one of the most listened programs, The gospel Train, he has won souls. Mr. Jalloh comes along with several years of secondary school teaching experience.

Elijah Kamara


Elijah exemplifies in society as one keen to pass the gospel to all. He does this through a programme called “Bible Quiz” He has served as a regular presenter, reporter and in the capacity of an assistant production person. Elijah  now manages the organization’s media production department.

The frontline team

Our continuity team

Rev. Blango


Horsham Dick


Ishmeil Anthony


Hassan koroma


Mr. Jangatay


Samuel Stuart


what makes us what we are

What We Aim To See From Our Vision

Our vision is to see all God’s people engaged in God’s mission, bringing challenge, change, hope and freedom to the world. As we join in God’s mission, through Jesus, and in the power of the Spirit we see that:

  • the love of Christ renews people and places.
  • pioneering leaders forge new paths of transformation.
  • people on the margins flourish.
  • the healing of creation begins.

Our Core Values

As an organization, God calls us to be people who will reach out. We commit ourselves to live by values that are:

Our satisfied clients

Propelling businesses through commercial distribution platforms

The Second wave of COVID-19 is established in Europe and the USA. This means a possible ripple effect in Sierra Leone if strict rules aren't adhered to at boarders crossings, within districts, chiefdoms, cities, towns and villages.


Sierra Leone's COVID-19 update as of last inquiries on 18/06/2020- updating

New cases=22


Total confirmed cases: 2486

Total recovered: 1854

Total discharged from quarantined:12293

Active cases at Isolation Centers: Awaiting

Cumulative recoveries: Awaiting.

Persons in quarantine: Awaiting

Case locations: updating.

BO: 117

Bonthe: 87

Bombali: 52

Falaba: 11

Kailahun: 95

Kambia: 30

Kenema: 127

Koinadugu: 36

Kono: 77

Moyamba: 58


Pugehun: 28

Tonkolili: 82

Western rural: 305

Western Urban: 1208

Gender share of cases

Male: 1329  Female: 1157


Beware of fake news. Always cross check COVID-19 information with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and formal radio stations.

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