Our Mission

To proclaim the gospel to all irrespective of gender, race, sexuality and class. In doing so, we bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our call is to see people set free to play their part in the mission of God. We do this with love and empathy for mankind knowing our ultimate goal is to make heaven.

Board Chair

Rev. Christian Dixon

Acting CEO

Rev. Rose Freeman


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Plus More About What We Do

FOP Radio is a leading gospel broadcaster in Sierra Leone to the ears of over 300, 000 in our broadcast locality, more across the globe and outside of our broadcast district. As a broadcaster that prides itself to engage the community and meeting the spiritual and traditional informative role of the media, we remain impartial and independent. We create distinctively admirable, engaging programs and content to inform, educate, and entertain thousands of people in the Moyamba district, Sierra Leone, and around the world with our reach distribution portals. We do this through affiliate programming with international radio broadcasters like the VOA and Radio Deutsche Welle and local radios following ethical reviews. Our digital footprint with regards to multiple location studios means we could pool from locations to broadcast via terrestrial and online reaching our intended audiences. FOP Radio was established on the premise of God by Hinga Jombla (Pictured right or above) with inspiration from God through Evelyn Tucker and as a covenant with God to preach the gospel to the people of Moyamba district and the world. Our commercial operations stem from a music studio, audio production studio, adverts, and commercial slots that provide added revenue to further the gospel. We rely more on donations to meet broadcast needs and operations and to improve our services.


Managing Team

Our range of shows at the weekend is expanding all the time. Do regularly check out our Programme Guide to find out when your favourites can be heard! Meanwhile, you can meet the management team here.

Nelson Lavarie

Head of Broadcast

Ali Tokowa

Station Manager

Wini Barlay



Our Presenters

Our fantastic team is made up of established presenters from Moyamba’s FOP radio and volunteers from the local community serving God in offering their time. Find out more about your favourite presenters right here.

Henry Sam


Ali Tokowa

Mende Ngomie

Anthony Amara

Kontri Pot

Moyamba’s Favorite FM 89.7mhz

Compelling History


Over 300,000 people call Moyamba District home and they deserve a radio service providing local news, the gospel and other content showcasing the people who live here.


We celebrate our greatness, diversity and vibrant culture by exposing the talents and creativity of the people who live here and hold those in power to account with a focus on improving life in Moyamba for everyone. FOP Radio has a volunteer force of local people from every walk of life, age, and background who come together to create something special for local people. We have built a strong, friendly volunteer family giving those involved a shared purpose and pride in our area. There is much to celebrate with the most amount of culture, more people participating in the gospel, sport, political and cultural history than anywhere else in Sierra Leone including an actively diverse political life. FOP Radio is at the heart of Moyamba connecting our diverse communities, celebrating our strengths, and encouraging debates pulled from national, regional and international broadcasters.



A mantle of connection with God was established on a focus discussion held with Martin Lavarie, brother of Hinga Jombla.


The believer, covenant maker, and entrepreneur, Hinga Jombla got a vision and made a covenant with God to reach many with the gospel and parrot women’s health via radio. Application for license tendered.


Broadcast license secured. In August, radio was launched and powered via solar.


Broadcast Partnerships gained with international broadcasters, move for digital broadcast established. Regional studio hub established.

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