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Moyamba Joyful Over New SLTU Chairman #1

One of Moyamba’s finest  teachers of all time, Patrick Gbetuwa, clinches the top position of the Sierra Leone Teacher’s union (SLTU) district representation as the new district chairman for Moyamba District in the just concluded elections held in Freetown. As with any elections with multiple aspirant for the same position, there are bound to be opposing views as to what gave him the upper hand to clinching the said position.

It is reported, there are external factors propelling him for an undue advantage over his colleagues. In a brief community expression he reposed, resilience, belief and professed leadership has got him there. HE furthered, he is likeable and trusted by fellow teachers hence the authority entrusted in him. Patrick Gbetuwa is likely to give an on-air interview with Ali M Tokowa of fop radio for public consumption, sensitization and a thank-you message to the district peers of teachers in the next few hours to days.

White and fine boy as he is mostly made fun with among peers, Mr. Gbetuwa has rendered his service in the teaching field for several years. Up till his appointment as SLTU District Chairman for Moyamba, he teaches at one of Sierra Leone and West Africa’s renowned girl schools, The Harford School for girls, located in the district headquarters town of Moyamba.

How would Mr. Gbetuwa balance his new position as the district’s SLTU chairman with politics and teaching? Watch out for full interview date and time here.

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