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Human Bridge: Residents of Moyamba Call for Donated Container Clearance

There is no better time than now for citizens getting help from donors and well meaning persons who see lending hands to others a task and find it fulfilling in doing so. In this day and age when medical advances are keeping patients longer than they use to be in the 17th centuries, even older equipment or consumables that can aid the work of medical and nursing practitioners will just do in easing their job in a bid to save lives. Where ever that comes from should be welcoming and all help to facilitate such noble cause reaching beneficiaries should be given.

Human Bridge, a Switzerland based Charity informs residents in Moyamba it has shipped a 40ft container load of medical supplies and consumables for the Moyamba government hospital and is due for clearance. It is believed 4 international doctors are currently working at the hospital and mostly complementing efforts of Sierra Leone based doctors in Gynaecology, obstetric and paediatric medical care.

It is believed the charity is behind the ongoing support at the neonatal unit, under fives and the labour ward at the Moyamba Government Hospital for 3 years running. Enviable resuscitaire and incubators are being used in a neonatal unit from eye witness at the hospital few months ago. This same organisation, has now shipped a 40ft container load of medical equipment and consumables as opined by many in the community causing civil societies, the media and stake holders requesting for support from the general populace to help clear the container. While this may raise eye brows as to why that is the case for the organisation not being able to retrieve the said container, time is of essence and begs the attention of the NRA boss, Dr. Jibao, our current members of parliament from Moyamba District including, Hon. Fefegula, Veronica Kadie Sesay and other key stake holders with government positions to solicit help from the relevant line ministries and the NRA for tax duty waivers for a much needed item.

Speaking to one of the resident civil society activist in Moyamba, Gerald Foday, all efforts to be in touch with government officials and key stake holders hailing from Moyamba has proved unsuccessful. He asserts, the only option left is to pay in full for the said container to the tune of eighty one million in old Sierra Leonean Leones. He said forty million Leones (Le, 40,000,000) has been raised with a remainder of forty one million Leones (LE41,000,000) old Sierra Leonean note to complete the freeing up of the said container.

It is unfathomable to say a helper gets to pay for helping and the very people being helped who are faced with damning economic conditions get to also pay for such donations where job opportunities are virtually none and the cost of living is sky rocketing.

It may be prejudgement to say residents of Moyamba district have been failed by some respected sects of the society and nation as proper account of efforts by the charity and the advocating civil society is expensive to come by as to why the hospital is now only revealing the need for the populace to contribute for such container clearance. This is a thoughtful process one could find torturing and hard to comprehend.

In any case, the matter is in the spotlight and relevant authorities may want to act in this vein to salvage the situation for a much needing society.

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