Focuses on Health Equity

Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life. With the help of our data partners, we work to provide as much information possible for healthcare equity.

Covid-19 Pandemic: Public Health Info

The Great Journey to Health Equity

In the face of the unprecedented pandemic, FOP is working with world data providers on Covid-19 to bring latest news and figures to help guide decisions and inform you for necessary actions. There is now great effort in place by GAVI to ensure lading global efforts to equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines. FOP radio is pulling data from providers to ensure all are in the know of how the pandemic is doing even in the light of recent Ebola outbreak in congo and Uganda.

Manor River Covid-19 Stats

Bordering Countries with Shared Land and Sea borders
Public health ratings app and widgets
Public health ratings app and widgets
Public health ratings app and widgets

Linear Covid-19 Stats view

Compared statistics with UK and USA
Public health ratings app and widgets
Public health ratings app and widgets
Public health ratings app and widgets

Health and Sanitation Ministry


COVAX, the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator. This involves coordinating the COVAX Facility, a global risk-sharing mechanism for pooled procurement and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Sierra Leone engages in continual Covid Vaccination in line with World Health Organisation’s Guidance and directives in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Current updates for Covid-19 reports aren’t seen now but the MOH’s dedicated webpage can be accessed here.

Sierra Leones Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOH) believes that access to sound health is a human right, its vision is to ensure a functional national health system delivering efficient, high quality health care services that are accessible, equitable and affordable for everybody in Sierra Leone and the overall goal is to maintain and improve the health of its citizens..

Dr. Austine Hinga Demby.

Public health ratings app and widgets

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