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If they cannot hear about it, they simply do not know if it exists mean your customers. Reach out to us today and get a quote on advertising or making campaigns for you on air and via our digital advertising department.

Know How to Do Advert With Us

We are good at parroting your business

We are gospel but mindful of your business too. Get to know what package you need to pull those potential customers.

We work closely with directives on advertising content policies from the Independent Media Commission (IMC) especially on adverts timing hinging on parental guidance, age group sensitive adverts and explicit materials. Advertisers are advised to consult with us on materials for commercials and we will go through the necessary details and advise slot times or sensitive material airing principles.

Right Plan For Your Business

Below is some of the prices we offer to build, grow and make your business visible or known to customers.

Production and On-Air Play Plans

Bulk Advert Plans with In-house Production

Start-up Plan

Le 200

Monthly Commitment to secure price

Jingle Production
2 months jingle air play
3 months play with us
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Business Plan

SLL 370

Monthly Commitment to secure price

Presenter Mention
On-air Banner ads
2 months Jingle air play
3 months play with us
All Features of start-up
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SLL, 500

Monthly Commitment to secure price

All Business Features
Email Adds
25% discount on shows
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Our Jingle and Commercial Spots

Getting those adds to your intended listeners

At FOP Broadcasting Network, we always pride our services with consistent and reliable airplay of your product whether we have live studio failure or not. Our redundant broadcast setup will always ensure your materials are aired and reach the intended audience through our wide-reach platforms. Do not wait any longer. You do not have to be in Sierra Leone to advertise with us. Our survey of listeners depict we have in the thousands, listeners from all over Europe, America, and Africa.

Call us today and we have you quoted for a jingle slot.

Our prices are based on the seconds to minute (s) length of audio material. Our friendly staff awaits your call for a negotiable quote based on the quantity of air slots required. We advise on prime listening hours with special prices. To get alerted on promos breaking news and more subscribe now.

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We can create a bespoke ad package that’s perfect for you

We will work with you to write a script, then voice and professionally produce your commercial. Advertising spots will feature ON AIR every hour, 7 days a week. Please get in touch with our Head of Advertising & Sales Ali M. Tokowa to find out our pricing for on air commercials.

Ali M. Tokowa

Talk to one of our sales agents:

+ 232-79896896

+ 232-31896896

Glance On Listener Stats Across The World

We challenge boundaries and borders with our reach typology. Below is our statistical evidence of listeners from one of our platforms with a guide on regular listeners. You could tell we have not listed all but see for yourself these data replicates for many other countries and loading daily.

Radio advertising is also one of the most affordable methods of reaching people and also one of the most effective. With TV you give your audience a vision but with radio, your audience can create their own vision. This is your chance to deliver powerful messages when your audience is most responsive. So, are you ready to be heard?


Create the maximum impact by sponsoring a show that best fits your profile

There are also opportunities for the right partner to sponsor FOP Radio’s regular segments such as Turning Point, Mende Ngomie, Sport or News and gospel reach varieties. Show sponsorship packages available that can be tailored to your needs and include company name and slogan mentioned by the presenter of the show and heard 4 times an hour in jingles.

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