The touching “Sound Of the Praise” album is launched with blessings-unending and filled with spiritual commands to minister to the listening ears. Many may have downloaded and listened via media stream distributions before now. It must have been played, but this time, the release command to serve its purpose was declared yesterday October 14 at the Victory Community Church (VCC) in Phoenix USA. At the VCC, the album’s declaration launched with prayers was not only for those who bought on the day but for those who had also listened prior to the official launch date.

The songwriter, Musician and Minister, Jesse Fatoma, performed live the touching, rhythmic and soul-connecting songs in the local Mende dialect. Joyful as the atmosphere looked, the congregation followed on with the lyrics in joy, open minds, and the positives of the tower of Babel found in the Mende language.

“Yeasu Biyae Marnengor” meaning Jesus’ name is sweet, is a testimonial song of the joy and pleasure in serving the living God and the promises He has given to us through His son Jesus.

The moment was graced by the shepherd of Jesse Fatoma, members of VCC and visiting guests as evidenced in the photo and video below.