At FOP Radio, we know we all are different but we see this in good faith because all things are bright and beautiful for God has made them so. We use that knowledge to bring you close to God or help you achieve in your business or activities. That way, you can be that person God has destined you to be reaching your full potential. This is why we do not only stop at the gospel. Rather, we engage in those activities that better lives while God tarries.

Below are the services we offer.

The Gospel and Charity

Our ministry hinges on charitable givings and ministration of God’s word. We also facilitate expression of God’s love through Music. Seventy five percent (75%) of our content is gospel. Fifteen percent (15%) is other contents that portray the culture and issues of our broadcast location and country. However, there may be times this may change to reflect crisis and the need for public education.

We also know there are people in dare need. As God’s servants, we are also charged to lend helping hands through our charitable courses to the needy as Jesus himself deed and required of us in Matt 25:40.

Music, Live Coverage, Advert and Post-Production

Marketing requires using the right words and skills to achieve the intended goal.

At FOP, we offer just that. We also know it can be challenging dealing with contending issues, making the right choices, collating materials and making the decision on how to best reach people with your intended message (s).

With FOP production, you need not worry we will guide you through. If you already have a material, we can air on an agreed quote.

We also bring the radio to your event via live coverage offers.We are passionate about sound and we can engage with you on post-production works both in Sierra Leone and offshore in several formats meeting broadcast requirements.

International Partnerships and Content

FOP Radio engages the community by informing, entertaining and educating the local population via local news, public service announcements and talk shows. We achieve this through local and international circular news with formal affiliate and broadcast partners including the Voice of America (VOA), The BBC’s Media Action and Radio Deutche Welle (DW). Our collaborative broadcast principles depict we broadcast foreign news and contents of African interest to offer rich contents for both local and international listeners. That way we impact a wider audience. Have a content or advert? Reach us on the number below;

Broadcast Engineering

The demand to replace or repair broadcast equipment is challenging. At FOP, we think this area needs attention and that is why we have our broadcast sales agent department to help purchase or facilitate repairs of much needed broadcasting equipment to reduce down time.

We also do consultation works including audio engineering to better sounds within broadcast institutions.

There is a need for digitizing broadcast and we also provide the requisite expertise in doing so. Having a digital presence is a mark for the Sierra Leonean media. We can provide both hosting and other digital services as may be required with consultations based on affordable upfront consultation fee on quote.

Digital Marketing Services

We know nowadays marketing has moved from the typical face to face approach to digital platforms. FOP works as marketing agency and with its subsidiaries to ensure your business is visible, pull lots of traffic to your sites and  draw more calls to your business. We use industry standard and innovative approaches to get value for money as you deal with our company in making your digital presence known and search optimized. 


-We offer SEO services (daily, monthly and yearly plans available).

-FB, Twitter and Instagram feed marketing.

-Mobile App Marketing

-Video Advertising

-paid search


-Paid Social

-Creative and Display advertising


For immediate response, please reach us at

how we meet physical needs

Our charitable interventional areas

Our charitable course hinges on the King’s possible reply:

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matt 25:40.

You can donate today to help our courses. There could be may areas to help but we focus on;


Advancing the Gospel: Church planting and building kingdom workforce

In business what you will get:

We know from business experience that

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out”.


About us

FOP Radio is a media entity placed to serve communities in Moyamba district and other regions within Southern Sierra Leone. We would love to hear from you.

Head of Programs

If you have any part of our broadcast you are unhappy with, please contact us at

The Second wave of COVID-19 is established in Europe and the USA. This means a possible ripple effect in Sierra Leone if strict rules aren't adhered to at boarders crossings, within districts, chiefdoms, cities, towns and villages.


Sierra Leone's COVID-19 update as of last inquiries on 18/06/2020- updating

New cases=22


Total confirmed cases: 2486

Total recovered: 1854

Total discharged from quarantined:12293

Active cases at Isolation Centers: Awaiting

Cumulative recoveries: Awaiting.

Persons in quarantine: Awaiting

Case locations: updating.

BO: 117

Bonthe: 87

Bombali: 52

Falaba: 11

Kailahun: 95

Kambia: 30

Kenema: 127

Koinadugu: 36

Kono: 77

Moyamba: 58


Pugehun: 28

Tonkolili: 82

Western rural: 305

Western Urban: 1208

Gender share of cases

Male: 1329  Female: 1157


Beware of fake news. Always cross check COVID-19 information with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and formal radio stations.

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