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We Know every business or organization want to make profits or see their products or ideas grow viral. We respect this need and that is why at FOP Radio we put our best to parrot or market your business in an appropriate manner to get the desired effect. We possess that ear to listen. Just in case you are considering, please see why you have to do business with us.

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and you are free to make a choice!

  • Our radio is on 24 hours on green power reaching 90% of people aged 12 and older in our locality, other districts and internationally through varied distribution platforms.  Our records show the USA, UK, Europe and Sierra Leone are our top listeners. Our listening starts ranges from 100-50,000 + listeners. We can prove the stats. You can be unconventional in your advertisement approach. The pandemic is the teacher.
  • Often considered a frequency medium, radio is an ideal reach medium when planned differently—based on local, national and international data.
  • Reach 3 consumers 1X rather than 1 consumer 3X since that 1 consumer is less likely to need a TV product/service than any 1 of the 3 would be.
  • Ads are most effective when they remind people of brands they know, at the time they happen to need a product or service. Reminding is a perfect job for radio when used as a reach medium  and we do just that well.


  • Radio’s diversity of programming affords advertisers niche channels to zero in on narrow target groups. Advert formats allow advertisers to speak selectively to consumers they want to reach. We at FOP Radio, using other means or appropriate scripting, further reach those target groups digitally and through subsidiaries or associate broadcasting platforms. Local/regional connected structure means brands can focus on key marketing areas.


  • Consumers vary in their stages of the purchase cycle therefore, on-going Radio ads allow your product or brand to be front and centre when people are ready to buy,
    even at odd times. The listening ear is powerful in all positions and state than the watching eye in limited circumstances.
  • FOP Radio reaches consumers close to the time and location of purchase, selling ideas, implementing projects and valuating project interventions whether they’re in-town, offshore, in-store or online shoppers or consumers of your project or charitable interventions.
The global village means you are not only limited to advertise within your regions but can be done off because we have cross border and international evidence of huge audience. Meaning you can be unconventional in advertising with us even when based in USA or Europe or elsewhere. The pandemic is the teacher.


Reach listeners or monitor your adverts or paid programs in-car, on palms, speakers when they’re  at home or when you are driving to stores, restaurants, etc.


  • “Radio continues to be perceived as central to people’s lives, especially when contrasted with the precipitous decline by other traditional media” – Nielsen Audio/Edison “Infinite Dial”.
  • Radio continues to be the #1 source of music discovery despite the numerous audio options that exist today.
  • People spend more time listening to news on the radio each day than they do reading newspapers or getting news online. The amount of time people listen to radio news has remained more stable over the last decade… –Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.
  • Listeners tend to listen to relatively few radio stations and are extremely loyal to their favourites. This means local radios have more impacts than dropped frequencies.
  • Research shows that Radio listeners have a low level of ad avoidance, staying tuned in through commercial breaks.
  • Because ads can run frequently and listeners tend to stay tuned for long periods of time, a brand that is big in Radio can create a disproportionately large share of the mind for itself.
  • Listeners feel an emotional connection with their preferred Radio stations. Passive forms of advertising merely list merchandise or tell where a product is available; radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and selling products and services. We at FOP Radio stay true to that with less talk more music and hook programs. FOP Radio is a call-to-action medium for advertisers within our region and beyond.
  • Approximately 1/3 of TV time is devoted to commercials, about 2/3 of newspapers comprise ad copy, and Internet users are now subjected to a barrage of advertising.
  • With an average of 10 commercial minutes per hour (about 1/5 of each hour), FOP Radio affords an uncluttered environment for advertisers.
  • FOP Radio ads are always forefront for the listener’s attention — ads aren’t surrounded by competitors’ spots or buried in the back pages. Clarity is key for us and for you, a distinctive or audible brand.
  • Radio has a “multiplier effect” on other media. 
  • Our audio-only medium stimulates a different part of the brain than video, print, online images. Adding Radio increases recall of TV, newspaper and Internet ads.
  • FOP Radio is proven to drive consumers to advertisers’ websites. We leverage the digital workspace to propel business through proven acceleration techniques.
  • Consumers need to be exposed to ad messages multiple times before they begin to respond.
  • FOP Radio’s relatively low cost in relation to other media allows advertisers to use multiple slots and reach platforms to hit their targets and build frequency levels for maximum impact.
Creative Flexibility
  • Radio stars in the theater of the mind, stimulates emotion-filled images within the listener’s own mind — voices, music, sound effects, recall of video images.
  • No matter how small or large the advertiser, FOP Radio allows creativity to brand and create a unique identity that consumers will remember.
  • Affordable production allows tailoring ads for compatibility to various formats, increasing appeal to listeners. 
  • Radio advertisers can adapt quickly to changes in their own situations and marketplace to make sure their Leones are effectively utilised.
Cost Effectiveness
  • Radio production costs less than TV or print media.
  • Radio is less expensive to buy than most major media, allowing advertisers to
    afford maximum reach and effective frequency.

OUR Programs

Our privately held but community driven radio and digital media company specializes in providing multi-platform solutions to the marketing objectives of our business partners. Our team of Account Executives are trained in on-air, online, mobile, and on-location advertising and promotions to best meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our advertisers.

Each Account Executive has to achieve the bare minimum professional training  certification in Radio Marketing Consultation from our in house trainer and augmented external tuition from partner stations and service providers locally and internationally.

Commercial Contact

For any inquiries please email


You could also call on; 23279896896/+23231896896 for onward transfer to the relevant professional.

About us

FOP Radio is a media entity placed to serve communities in Moyamba district and other regions within Southern Sierra Leone. We would love to hear from you.

Head of Programs

If you have any part of our broadcast you are unhappy with, please contact us at complaints@fopradio.org

The Second wave of COVID-19 is established in Europe and the USA. This means a possible ripple effect in Sierra Leone if strict rules aren't adhered to at boarders crossings, within districts, chiefdoms, cities, towns and villages.


Sierra Leone's COVID-19 update as of last inquiries on 18/06/2020- updating

New cases=22


Total confirmed cases: 2486

Total recovered: 1854

Total discharged from quarantined:12293

Active cases at Isolation Centers: Awaiting

Cumulative recoveries: Awaiting.

Persons in quarantine: Awaiting

Case locations: updating.

BO: 117

Bonthe: 87

Bombali: 52

Falaba: 11

Kailahun: 95

Kambia: 30

Kenema: 127

Koinadugu: 36

Kono: 77

Moyamba: 58


Pugehun: 28

Tonkolili: 82

Western rural: 305

Western Urban: 1208

Gender share of cases

Male: 1329  Female: 1157


Beware of fake news. Always cross check COVID-19 information with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and formal radio stations.

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