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Feeding orphans at yaoyema village in moyamba district

As we heed to the King’s call, “ The least of our Brethren” (Matt 25:40), FOP Broadcasting Network in partnership with philanthropist Sister Josephine, fed orphans at Yaoyema Village in Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone.


Our initial contact was to ascertain those who met the criteria for successive supports. We worked closely with a local pastor of the village to actualize the dream. Several kids who had lost their parents to Ebola and other live events, felt encouraged by Fop staff and proprietor who dinned with them.


Our follow-on support will pursue continual physical and psychological support. You can be part of this too through your donations to help the needy. Covid-19 will worsen the situation. Make a donation today to get us closer to providing that support and sense that they are also valued.



Few miles away from the district headquarter town of Moyamba, we found a bright girl Naomi Kenday who had lost both parents. Surviving without both parents, Naomi explains her ordeal to FOP staff referencing life without biological parents. Engaging and emotional as her story was, Naomi is being looked after by Neneh Mannah at Falaba village in Moyamba District. She wants to be a doctor.


The charitable wing at FOP Radio, expressed ‘The Least of My Brethren’ project to tap into Naomi’s experiences. We had  a moment of talk and assessed her physical and  psychological needs. To reassure her, we implemented Sister Josephine’s good course gesture in having a dinner with Naomi and guardian. Naomi’s ordeal is a replica of many orphans requiring help and assistance. The guardians themselves face challenge in their upkeep. We come in to help with little home support to help them thrive. You can be part of our project, ‘The Least of Our Brethren’ to help mend hearts, give a sense of belonging and hope for the future. You can donate by clicking on our donations page or call us on the number on our contact us page. You can also click on on our pay-pal donation button to support an orphan or sponsor one of our interventional areas with any amount on your mind.



Sierra Leone is very open to multiple religions with so many inter-fatih relations. There are times however, this can be challenging especially in terms of finding a worship center for faith groups like Christians in villages. This was exactly the case of a group of Christians in eastern Sierra Leone. On our church-planting missions consistent with our values and mission ‘The Uttermost Part’, we identified Gboibu village, which is home to some Christians in Eastern Sierra Leone. The plight of those Christians resident in that village was a place of worship. They have been meeting at a christian brother’s house. Alfred, the Christian Brother, had volunteered growing and hosting the group following the group’s eviction out of a community center built by Muslims. The group had no pastor and mission to mentor them. The Chief in the village was a Christian and had converted to Islam because there weren’t any provision for church. Christians we spoke to express they were provoked in the community because they lacked a church to worship.

Our charitable wing identified with Jesus Triumphant Ministries in the East and commenced fellowship. We initiated community cohesion principles with Muslims and Christians. We have also gone into agreement with the local authorities to purchase or provide us with a portion of land for church planting. Fellowship is ongoing and our call to church planting is being met. We can do more with your help to replicate such activities in various communities across Sierra Leone with partnership. Donate now or contact us via our telephone numbers, contact us email submissions or activate a donation via our paypal button.



Discussion with town chief

A fruitful meeting of intent held with the town chief to start worship activities.

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Cross section of Christians at GborbuVillage

The sitting brother directed the path to meeting the Chief.

Gborbu Village

Entrance Photo of Gborbu village Eastern Sierra Leone.

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