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Conex Energy Floods 9,000 Metric Tonnes of Fuel in Sierra Leone

Following weeks of fuel shortages across cities in Sierra Leone, Conex Energy, one of the only two fuel importers in Sierra Leone, today off-loaded about nine thousand (9,000) metric tonnes of petroleum products at the Queen Elizabeth Quay II for the Kissy Oil Terminal in Freetown. Just before the arrival of Conex Energy’s consignment, the Petroleum Regulatory Authority (PRA) had however, mentioned there were enough fuel reserve to serve the country uptil February next year.

Today’s shipment entrenches the regulator’s position to curtail strangulated supply chains from varied crude oil marketing companies in order to restore pump services to end users.

Previous statement by the PRA before receipt of today’s fuel vessel wasn’t working in line with recent realities for customers who stand in longer cues to be sold rationed fuel. In certain cities, fuel sales were non-existent. Petrol stations were closed. The news on the recent importation was timely considering the current crisis in gaining a litter at fuel from stations across the country as demand increases during this festive season.

Fragmentary reports reaching this media suggests Conex is intent on importing more tonnes of fuel in the double figures in the following weeks to normalise the current fuel crises within the country.

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