General policies


Welcome to Fountain of Peace Broadcasting Network (FOP Radio) from Moyamba, Southern Sierra Leone. Our Radio plays on terrestrial air-play and stream features some of the all-time greatest gospel artists, cultural shows and intentional co-operation rebroadcast contents.
We also like to throw in some surprises from time to time, seasoning our gospel broadcast with moral songs, oldies to gain interest so that by all means possible, we win them over.


Our policies that govern the way we serve the community we love to serve.

At FOP Radio, we believe in the importance of a strong and informed community.

We celebrate our shared history, culture and belief through original programming, thoughtful reporting and socioeconomic debates. We do this while honouring our diversity with local programs designed to showcase the intellect and talent that makes this part of the country and spot in the world’s region so unique.

FOP Radio isn’t just located in your community, we are a part of it. As your source for Public Radio and soon TV, we share your interests, your hopes, and your concerns.

We believe that important work happens at FOP Radio because of you. We value open-mindedness, creativity, integrity, courage, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. FOP Radio is defined by these values that reflect the community in which we live.

We regularly do a yearly report to reflect on our community impact and achievement. Please look out for latest report on our noticeboard for local consumption.

About us

FOP Radio is a media entity placed to serve communities in Moyamba district and other regions within Southern Sierra Leone. We would love to hear from you.

Head of Programs

If you have any part of our broadcast you are unhappy with, please contact us at